2008 Folder
Denzil Phillips, Martin Perks and Terry Hall.
Peter Darby, Eddie Haltof, Paul Smith, Bob Woolley, John Asher and John Outram.
STW Reunion
Mervin Bray, Travis Walker, Geoff Henshaw, Richard Maksymowicz, Richard Barker and John King.
2008 Severn Trent Water Reunion
Ron Truman, Graham Hall, Trev Norton, Dave Milnes, Judy Langworthy and Ashley Roe.
Julie Peverell and Gill Glenny
Jan Whitaker and John Simpson
Melvyn Colclough
Julie Peverell, Pete Dyson and Gill Glenny
Richard Maksymowicz, Pete Dyson, Gill Glenny, Julie Peverell and Mick Coxon
John Simpson, Dave Milnes, Ashley Roe, Melvyn Colclough and John West.