Esme's Leaving Do - Jan 1996
Esme Cockayne Leaves Severn Trent Water.

Leaving party was held in the Board Room at Raynesway January 1996.
Esme Cockayne
The Whole Group at Esme Cockayne's leaving Do
The Girls at Esme's Leaving Party
The Boys at Esme's Leaving Party
Esme cuts the Cake
Looking at Esme's Memories
Jemma and Maureen at Esme's Leaving Party
Moira Savage at Esme's leaving Party
Esme's Retirement Do
Esme's Retirement Party with Joan Carter and Brian Silcock
Esme's Retirement Do
Mick Dicker and Esme Cockayne
Esme's Retirement Party at STW Raynesway Derby
Esme's Retirement Party