SECTION 4: Project Planning 1991 -1995
19th Aug 1991 - started work in Viki's old job, working for Tony Mucklow. 30th Sept 1991 Jemma Cummings joins the department . 22nd May 1992 Carsington Open Day and Mrs Belak does a runner with an MP.
8th June Stan Clarke Joins the department. 9th July 1992 Ann Denton's Hen night with Jan Whittaker, Jaqui R and others. 11th July 1992 Ann and Terry's wedding. 19 August Suzie Garrett's Birthday - evening visit to Pizza Place. 8th Jan 1993 News from QA: Rods Crowther has afatal accident whilst on his ski-ing holiday in Switzerland.
1st Feb Ann Hall confesses that she is expecting. 8th Feb 1993 - Phylis has news that "The Egg Man" has died. 14th April 1993 - News that Denise Donaldson from Billing has died of a heart attack whilst on holiday in Tunisia. 10 May 1993 - baby news from Ann and Terry. Zoe and mother doing fine. 11th June 1993 - Pauline Wicks leaves planning Liaison to return to Leicester. Aug 1993 Viki Newberry leaves at the end of the month.
24 Aug 1993 - AAM's ? Car stolen last night. 31 Aug - sent for my first batch of aromatherapy oils. 27 Sept 1993 arcticle in The Independant stating that J Bellack has been removed from the board. Nov 1993 Mike Parnell leaves the Company. 21 Jan 1994 - Richard Nylor's leaving do. 26 Sept 1994- Jacqui Burton becomes Mrs Roberts.
Feb 1994 - Derby Green Group becomes into being. 8 March 1994 - Alan Gough passsed away - (took ill health retirement at Christmas). 31 March 19994 - Nigel Flint's leaving do. 8 April - Bob Stephen's leaving do. May 1994 Louise Worthington on Princes Trust for 3 months . May 1994 - Jemma at RHQ assisting in the Worcester Incident.
June 1994 - Julie H and I clearing nettles from the Wildlife garden at Derby STW in the dinner hours. 27 July - News that Stewart Leverett had been offered a Quality facilitators post at RHQ. 12 Sept 1994 J P Gregory officially leaving at end of November. 19 Sept Ken Valentine announced he would be leaving at the end of December.
26 Sept Capital Sewerage staff joind the Projects Planning dept. 11 Nov 1994 District in office swap with Legatl and Estates.
Esme Cockayne's Diary Highlights 1991 to 1995
Jacqui, Jemma and Margaret at STW Christmas Dinner
Esme, Jacqui and Jemma at STW Christmas Dinner
STW Project Planning Office do
Mark, Jacqui, Pauline and Jemma at the Project Planning Office do
Esme Cockayne and Tony Mucklow at the Project Planning Office do
Severn Trent Water Project Planning Team Office do
Stewart, Mark and Jacqui at the STW Project Planning Office do
Severn Trent Water Project Planning Office Dinner
jacqui and Ken at the STW Project Planning Office do
Project Planning Office Dinner
Children in Need Fund Raiser Nov 1992
Children in Need Fund Raiser Nov 1992
Children in Need Fund Raiser Nov 1992
Some STW Project Planning Do
Dance On - STW Project Planning
Project Planning know how to Party On
Xmas Dinner in the Canteen at STW Raynesway.
Louise Worthington