Hayfield Water Supply
The History Hayfield Water Supply 1900 to 1960
Hayfield Water Supply History 2
Location Map of Mellor & Harrymoor Water Supply
Location of Harry Moor Springs
Dangerous Lid at Harrymoor Spring.
Harry Moor Spring Chamber
Harrymoor Spring Source
Overflow to Stream from Harrymoor Spring
Land Surrounding Harrymoor Spring
Harrymoor Tanks - looking Uphill
Overflow from Harrymoor Tanks
Harrymoor Tanks - elevated side view
Harrymoor Tanks -Harry Moor Rusty Lid Chamber.
Harrymoor Tanks - Inside the Rusty Lid Camber
Harrymoor Tanks - Chamber 1 (lowest)
Harrymoor Tanks - Chamber 2 (middle)
Indication Plate at Harrymoor Tanks
Harrymoor Tanks - Chamber 3 (highest)
Locations of the 4 Kinder Bank Reservoirs (referred to as Tanks)
Contours at Hayfield.
Structure on Kinder Bank OS map c.1922
Location and Access Hayfield DSR
Kinder Bank DBS
Rear of Kinder Bank Booster Station.
KB1 Kinder Bank - The Balancing Tank.
KB3 - 1926 Opening of the Division Tank at Kinder Bank
KB3 Kinder Bank Reservoir
KB3 Kinder Bank Reservoir
KB3 Kinder Bank Reservoir
KB4 Kinder Bank DSR
Sampling Point at Kinder Bank DSR
Kinder Bank Water Booster Station
Kinder Bank Water Booster Station
Hayfield Treatment and Pumping Station at Bowden Bridge
Hayfield Treatment Works and Pumping Station
Location of Thornsett Lane DBS
Thornsett Lane Distribution Booster Station.
Thornsett Lane Water Booster Station
Location of Birch Vale DPS
Birch Vale Distribution Pumping Station
Birch Vale Booster Station letter -1994
Highgate Lane Booster Station
Highgate Lane Booster Station
Park Hall Tank c.1901
Water Sources at Little Hayfield
Park Hall Lido
Mellor Service Reservoir
Mellor Service Reservoir
Morland Reservoir and Tanks
Public Health Report 1939
Morland Reservoir OS map c.1930
Public Health Report 1914
Public Health Report 1925
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