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Stapleford and Sandiacre Water Supply
Derwent Valley Main at Hopewell-1914
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1914 Map shows the route of the Derwent Valley Aqueduct at Hopewell
A supply was requested from the Derwent Valley Water Board, whose Leicester main ran through the parish of Risley. A reservoir was built there and the main tapped in February 1930 but this supply was not guaranteed after 1935. Eventually it was decided to ask the Nottingham Corporation to supply Stapleford. A sum of £8,000 was agreed and notice given to Shardlow to terminate the agreement. It was decided, no doubt for administrative convenience, to sever the water main at the boundary on 25 December 1931, a quarter day. Wiser counsels prevailed, preparations for Christmas dinner were not disrupted, and plans were made to cut the main a few days earlier. There was
some dispute as to how to supply that part of Stapleford to the west of the Erewash when the Shardlow council refused to allow Nottingham to run a new main down Station Road but this was eventually resolved.

above text from Victoria County History by Keith Goodman

Text missing from map: Discharge Well. (a washout from the DV main usually at a low point) I think the original main in Nottingham Road Risley was a 5" water main and followed the original line of the road before the road was straightened.