Norman Fox Retires
Also, the presentation for 40 years of service to Ian Titterton and Norman Fox.
The leakage team at the Miners Arms at Hopton
Ian Titterton and Norman Fox
Norman Fox's Retirement Do
Clive Cooper, Phil Bowen, Neil Sandles.
Ray Lawrence, Andy Burdett, Simon Ward.
Frank Dudley, dk, Nigel Robinson.
Colin Wood, Andy Link, Frank Mitchell, Simon Housley.
Robin Holmes, Brian Marriot, Steve Dronfield, Dave Buxton.
Ian Tittertton, Karl Mountney, Norman Fox.
Ian Tittertton, Tony Gywnne, Norman Fox
Ian Tittertton nd Norman Fox.
Darren Briggs, Dave Hanszerous.
40 Years Service Presentation to Norman Fox by Tony Gywnne.
40 Years Service Presentation to Ian Titterton from Tony Gywnne