2010 STW Reunion #8
8th Annual Reunion held at the Toby Inn on 27th May 2010
Ann Hall and Joan Carter
Severn Trent Reunited 8th Reunion Dinner at The Toby Inn Chaddesden
Steve Rollinson and Lisa Hill
Carol and Martin Perks
Peter Wright, Martin Jackson and Trevor Norton
Trevor Bamford and Mike MacDonald
The Dining Area at the Toby Carvery
Denzil Phillips and Bob Woolley
John Outram and Norma Consterdine
Eddie Haltof and Doug Radford
Russ Boyack and John Taylor
Tony Gensler, John King, Geof Caudwell, Richard Barker, Mick Stimson
Alan Sutton, Brian Legg, Phil James, Steve Crispin
Gill, Maria, Ian, Paul and Jeff
Stuart, Mick, Brian, Liz and Judy
Terry, John, Gill, Mike, Derek
Melvyn Colclough and Gill Glenny
Gill Glenny and John Simpson
Austin Thomas, Julie Peverell and Pete Dyson.
Gill Glenny, Karen Squiure and Judy Langworthy
Judy Langworthy, John Simpson and Gill Thomas
Liza, val, Carol, Steve and Susie
Carol & Martin Perks, John Simpson.