STW 2006
Cropston Retirement Do
(25 images)
Joy and Ian Clark
Joy Clark and Liz Hall.
Sandra Barnes Susie Cooper and Val Wholley.
Maurice, Judy, Jennifer and John
Jacki Shaw and Teresa Wymer.
Sue Billington.
Pete Leatherland.
John Simpson.
Wendy Jarrett and David Bond.
Stewart Cooke.
Jan Whitaker and Peter Darby
Julie Peverell and David Bond.
Mel Beale.
Alan Squires and Trevor Norton.
Mel Cooper and Trevor Bamford.
Colin Kitchen and Hugh Roberts.
Tony Bird and Eddie Haltof.
Paul Smith.
Gill Glenny.
Gill Glenny, Terry Wild and Mike MacDonald.
Jane Meadows.
Anne Brown nee Glover.
Sue Billington.
John Simpson and Jan Whitaker
John Simpson and Jan Whitaker.
Michelle Gaskin and Maurice Topley
Susie Gavuzzi - nee Cooper
Val Wholley.
Val Wholley and Liz Hall.
Jacki Shaw
Maureen Hanzseros and Teresa Wymer