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This web site has been constructed by John Simpson. It is about the people who have worked at Severn Trent Water.

Photographs cover the period 1968 to present, and mainly show past and present staff, mainly of the Derby Offices, of Severn Trent Water. (It was where I was based) Photos prior to 1974 are either from the Ilkeston office or Tenant Street of the South Derbyshire Water Board. Tenant Street also was the Office of the Derby Corporation Water Department. In 1974 Vernon Street Offices were used for the HQ of the newly formed Derwent Reclamation Division.(They managed the Sewage Works) Vernon Street was used by other departments from 1976 onwards to about 1980 when it was sold and all staff accommodated at Raynesway. Vernon Street is off Friar Gate and the Offices used were Georgian Town houses: numbers 9 and 12 which were situated almost opposite each other. Otherwise the majority of photos are sourced in and around the Raynesway Offices of the Severn Trent Water Authority - later to drop the "Authority" to become Ltd and PLC.
In the early days we were called Derwent Division, then Northern Division and finally Derby District. What it is now - I don't know - a collection of people - a call centre who knows what!

Where possible the location, the people, the date and source of the photos are named.


Please report any factual errors to the author using the e-mail link at the top of the page. I would be happy to hear from ex-colleagues and any contributions to the site (photos) would be welcome. Higher quality images suitable for printing can be obtained by contacting me via the e-mail link. All photos can be put onto CD.

Please help me with names I have forgotten. These are generally designated as "dk" - don't know. It will be nice to hear from you. I hope that you enjoyed looking at the site.

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