Wirksworth UDC -Wash Green, Breamfield and Ladyhole
One of the three sub-systems of SDWB, This one is one based on Breamfield Res, near Wirksworth.
Location of Water Supply - Wirksworth UDC
Historical Location of Supply to Middleton by Wirksworth
Dunsley Spring Geological Record
Location of Ladyflatt, Washgreen and Breamfield
Location of Wash Green Spring and Reservoir
Wigwell and Hansons Farm
Hanson's Farm
Wash Green Reservoir and Treatment Works.
1981 Wash Green Service Reservoir
1981 The Barn at Wash Green
1981 The Mixing Tank at Wash Green
1981 The Barn at Wash Green
c.1900 map of Wash Green
c.2022 OS map Wash Green
Wash Green - Reservoir?
Wash Green Spring
Wash Green Spring
Location of Breamfield Reservoir
Breamfield Reservoir and Pumping Station
Ladyflatts Mine Shaft and Pumping Station
Ladyflatts Map - Wirksworth UDC
Lagyflatts Mine Record 1954
Ladyflatts aka The Blobber