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Stanley Moor Resr. and WTW
Stanley Moor-16m
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Discontinuance of Stanley Moor - Part 2
PHOTO: Fig. 14: View of the reservoir from the west showing the ‘V’ notch, pools and embankments formed in the reservoir basin.

The works comprised of:
• Breach of the embankment by excavating 26,000m3 of material.
• Demolition of Draw Off Tower, Walkway and reinforced concrete Draw Off Culvert.
• Demolition of Overflow Structure
• Landscaping
Contract value £178,000
The embankment was breached by cutting a ‘V’ notch in the embankment at the position of the draw off tower and culvert and forming a channel through the notch to allow all incoming waters to exit the reservoir basin into the spill channel at the toe of the dam (Fig. 12). Before work could start an inlet diversion ditch had to be dug to divert the inlet water from the inlet weir to the spill channel (Fig. 13). All the excavated material and masonry lining resulting from the formation of the notch was retained on site to line the bottom of the reservoir, pools and scrapes for habitat creation and embankments within the reservoir basin. The masonry lining removed from the area of the ‘V’ notch was used to line the new channel and the surplus buried under the mounding formed from the excavated material. It was not considered economic to sell the surplus stone.