Carsington Reservoir
Location of Carsington and the River Intake
Carsington Reservoir
Portal A of the Carsington Tunnel Project
Portal B or C? of the Carsington Tunnel Project
Portal D Carsington Tunnel Project
Narrow Gauge Railway at Carsington
Cross Section of the Carsington to River Derwent Tunnel
The first signs of failure at Carsington
Carsington Landslip
Carsington Land Slip
Aerial photo of Carsington Dam Collapse
Carsington Reservoir Landslip
Before and After Sections of Carsington Collapse
Revised Reservoir Design at Carsington
Starting to Fill Carsington for the First Time
Valve Tower and Overflow
The Outlet tower at Carsington
Sailing at Carsington
The Island at Carsington Reservoir
Sunset at Carsington
Carsington Reservoir
Carsington Reservoir
Looking towards the dam wall
The Sailing Club at Carsington
Information Board at Carsington
The John Jepson Memorial
The John Jepson Memorial
25 year Anniversary Tree Planting Scheme